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High Heel Dance Shoe insoles.

Help control overpronation while dancing with Superfeet Women's High-Heeled Dance shoes Insoles

These Insoles incorporate a firm design that's uniquely shaped to balance and evenly support the natural contour of your foot, helping neutralize pronation and reduce impact while dancing.

By keeping correct foot alignment and avoiding overpronation, these insoles promote proper landing, which lessens strain on knees, ankles, hips and lower back.

The textured top helps reduce friction and blistering. The ultra-thin styling is made for women's high-heeled dance shoes 2-3 inches. Backless shoes need doublesided sticky tape to hold the heel in place.

Order by women's shoes size. Save your feet from all the abuse of repetitive dancing with these great inserts.

Also available for low heeled or practice shoes.










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