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[Sassy Soles]

Sassy Soles are inserts that are designed to prevent your foot from sliding forward when wearing open-toe high heels. The design includes the patent pending ridge that fits in the groove between the ball of the foot and toes. The ridge will also help your foot stay in place and prevent the notorious "overhanging toes" which is common with the open-toe shoes.


Sassy Soles Open Toe Shoe Inserts

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Sassy Soles?
    Sassy Soles are patent pending foot inserts designed to solve many problems associated with wearing high heel shoes, especially open toe.
  1. How do I place Sassy Soles in the shoe?
    Wipe the inside of shoe clean.  Remove the adhesive backing from the insert.  Place towards the front of the shoe with the ridge facing up.  (Note:  the left and right lettering on the insert.)  Place foot in the shoe. The ridge should fit comfortably in the crease formed by the ball of foot and the toes.  The insert may need repositioning.
  1. Are Sassy Soles hypoallergenic?
    Yes, they are made of latex-free soft plastic
  1. Do Sassy Soles come in different sizes?
    Sassy Soles come in one size and should fit most shoes.  If needed, the soft plastic can be trimmed on the sides for a better fit. 
  1. Can I wash the inserts?
    The best method to clean them is to wipe with a damp cloth using soap or a mild detergent.  Avoid using cleaning solutions.
  1. I am a diabetic, can I wear Sassy Soles?
    Consult your podiatrist or medical doctor if you have any questions about your medical or foot conditions and whether Sassy Soles are right for you.





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