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[Vitamin C Peel]


Vitamin C Peel by Jafra

Vitamin C Peel


Vitamin C Peel Kit!!

Found to be one of the most potent skin rejuvenating ingredients on the planet. Vitamin C can help reduce the look of fine lines and environmental damage. Jafra has found a way to deliver Vitamin C to you in its most effective form and comine it with the benefits of a chemical peel.

With No Doctor's Appointment Necessary!!!!

What is it?
A safe, effective at home peel system that provides a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin.

The key ingredient, Vitamin C, is captured in a natural citrus Powder of orange peel, lemon peel, emblica (Indian Gooseberry) and essential oil of orange, mixed with natural clay and seaweed , to supply moisturizing and skin refining benefits. The Powder is mixed with a lotion activator containing Orange extract, Papaya enzyme and a blend of moringa and hemidesmus extracts to create a paste that dries on the face to a peelable film leaving a soft, renewed complexion.

How it works:
Vitamin C and Papaya enzymes work to naturally break down the bonds holding dull, dead cells to the skin's surface while the blend of natural clays draw them out to reveal a more radiant skin.

What it Does:
Offers the following immediate results just after one use.
Helps soften fine lines
Helps minimize the appearance of pore size
Leaves skin looking smoother, brighter, more tightly toned
Reveals a younger looking complexion

Who Can Use It:
Due to its gently peeling nature, all skin types, including sensitive and acne prone skin can use this product. It's ideal for dull, fatigued skin.




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