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Edie the Salsa Freak Instruction and Entertainment

Edie, The Salsa FREAK is one of the most sought after instructor / performers in the world.  She has traveled to over 40 different countries teaching the world to dance, and has been the first American to teach in 18 of those countries. 

Edie was recently awarded the International Lifetime Achievement Award at the International Salsa Congress in England and voted Best International Instructor at the British International Salsa Festival in 1999.  She was the Guest of Honor at the Curacao Salsa Festival in 2000, and the First Annual Swiss Congress in Zurich, Switzerland in 2002.  She has taken first place in numerous dance competitions including the famous Mayan competition out of Los Angeles, California, and the International Salsa and Hustle Pro Salsa Championships in Miami, Florida.

Edie’s passion is to share her talents with both students and audiences throughout the world with her stunning performances, instructional DVDs, and down-to-earth Internet advice columns and stories.

In her DVD series, Edie partners with Eric Freeman, Salomon Rivera, and Al.  Her entire DVD series is a documented catalog of her progression as a professional dancer with a list of stylized moves, combinations, and turn patterns that will keep students challenged and entertained for years to come.

I personally have been to 2 boot camps that she does worldwide and recommend it HIGHLY to all levels of dancers. This woman is an absolutely fabulous instructor and a "real" person too.  




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Ladies Styling Vol 1 and 2 - Edie’s World Famous Ladies Styling - Critically acclaimed as the number one Ladies Styling DVD in the world, Edie explains in clear terms how to elegantly stylize with your dance partner.  Award Winning Latin Dance Champion Salomon Rivera assists her demonstrating the “How To’s” of styling without interrupting your partner, nor timing.

Spins - Foundational for all types and levels of dances, Edie's World Famous Spins
DVD reveals secrets only the best spinners in the world know. 
She clearly breaks down the mechanics of high-speed turns and spins for both men and women.  In simplistic terms, Edie teaches the shortcuts to "Finding Your Center" without  the years of intense ballet and jazz training.   With fabulous speed and control, Edie not only explains spot turns, and pivots, but also the partnering aspect of starting, controlling,  and stopping spins. This is a fabulous DVD
for the budding and highly-advanced dancer. 

LA Style Salsa by Al "Liquid Silver" - In this unique DVD, Al demonstrates a ton of shines (dancing solo) with an amazing Hip-Hop flair. First, he demonstrates the shine to Hip-Hop music, then converts it to Salsa from the front and then the rear view, so the viewer can try each move without reversing it in his mind. A killer DVD and a BLAST to watch! Perfect for the beginner to VERY advanced dancer.

Cool Moves and Cool Moves Revealed - Highlights 60 different moves demonstrated with Edie's partner in Boulder, Colorado, Eric Freeman.  Eric, "The Diamond in the Rough of Colorado" is an exceptionally talented dancer who not only can dance on the "two", (both styles), but the "one", the "three", and the "four".  Eric travels all over the world, teaching, recording, and picking up new dance moves and styles wherever he goes.

Available DVD's

1. Ladies Styling Vol 1

2. Ladies Styling Vol 2

3. Spins.

4. LA Style Salsa

5. Cool Moves

6. Cool Moves Revealed





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