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[Upsie Daisies]


each package includes 9 Sets (uses) plus Skincote skin preps  

Upsie Daisies

Walk, Run, Dance, Play, Lean, MOVE...

Your strapless attire will stay up with Upsie Daisies!

Super strong adhesives peel & stick easily to skin and garment

"Planning to purchase a backess and strapless gown?

Concerned about it not staying
in place and having to 'tug' at it all day or evening?

Afraid that you won't be able to dance the night away?




* The Acadamy Awards
* The Emmys
* The President's Ball
* A Night on the Town
* Your Wedding
* Your Prom
* A Fashion Show
* A Pagaent
* The Ship's Ball
* A First Date with the most eligible
bachelor in town






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